Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Yesterday I went to Cincinnati and I can't go there without having some Skyline chili. This is definately a Cincinnati thing. The first time I had it, I went there with a friend from college who was from Cincinnati, He told me not to expect traditional chili, or I would freak out. This stuff has it's own unique taste, with a lot of different spices. and is served over spaghetti with cheese on top. That is called a three way. You can also get cheese coneys. You can see these pictures here ! A special shout out to my man Brandon, who went out of his way to make some nice looking examples for the camera. The chili is eaten with oyster crackers and hot sauce. The picture on the wall is the Cincinnati skyline of course! It is a ritual for me and others I know to always eat Skyline when visiting Cincinnati. Just like you wouldn't go to Philadelphia and not have a cheesesteak.


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