Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A gallery showpiece!

This image has 2 themes. It is another example of my " function follows form" composition theme, that I have worked with for years. Often using the industrial, and architectural elements around us for insiration. Even before I started doing photography I would look at the things aroundme in everyday life and pick out things that were "cool looking" I have a friend who works at the city water treatment plant where they are busy making our water safe to drink. He took me for a tour one day, and one of the most interesting things I saw were these gigantic pipes that are probably 5 feet in diameter. The exit sign down the hall made the shot for me. This was originally done in color, but was modified in Photoshop to what you see here. It might not be done yet.
Another thing that is important to me about this image is that it was in a gallery show this year. I have thought for years that it would be nice to have my work shown in public ( for ego sake if nothing else I confess). Within the past year I finally made the move to submit some of my work to be shown and have been in 5 shows. So I've done something I've always wanted to do recently. It was a good feeling.


Blogger Oberon said...

......very nice stuff....now i need full impulse power scotty!

12:29 PM  

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