Friday, April 21, 2006


I found this ad online at a website that sells scare films about fallout, V.D., teenage sex etc.
This is the kind of thing I thrive on. It is a serious subject but it seems funny. There is a website that has a lot of old film clips of Tommy the Turtle telling kids to "duck and cover" in case of nuclear attack. I will post to it later perhaps. I don't know if there was naievete' about the danger of nuclear fallout and how long it lasts or if all of this was just created by the Government to make people feel better or both. But I have a sick sense of humor.
Along with this same "scare tactics" theme, we saw a movie a few years ago that was a documentary on the making of the gruesome highway car crash movies to scare kids in drivers education. ( or at least they used to ) It started with a highway patrolman filming a crash for his own reasons and it snowballing from there. It was even more interesting to me to find out all of this was happening out of the Mansfield Ohio area. It is a small city half way between Columbus and Cleveland. In my own back yard! If you like this kind of public service threating you " For your own good " type thing check out the link! Singular


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog!
Keep up the AWESOME work! :o)

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Blogger said...

Killer. Original find, keen eye. Thanks.

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