Sunday, June 04, 2006

Peruvian Inca Temple

This is another Infra-red black and white shot of one of the Inca sites in Peru. That was an awesome trip. In this picture on the right side you can see how the stone is carved out on the bottom. That is so the stones will have a perfect fit, and some of them weigh 30 tons! You can't get a piece of paper between some of them. The name of this place is Sacsayhuaman. The guides kept saying it's pronounced like sexy woman. In a lot of the important places the stones are polished smooth. This was supposedly done with Llama skin leather, sand and water. These stones were also quarried a mile away and moved to the mountainside sites without the use of wheels. Too hard to believe don't you think? In Junior high I remember reading a book called "Chariots of the Gods" that said this kind of stuff, and stone henge etc. were built by U.F.O. aliens! Crazy stuff, but I wonder what it says about these places. I've been meaning to read that again but haven't gotten around to it. This was built around a.d. 700. It was definately a contrast to anything outside the U.S. and a good exposure to another culture both past and present.
Besides, it makes for some cool photography.


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