Tuesday, April 25, 2006


This spaceage house is the 1957 "house of the future" which was made of the modern material PLASTIC! It was boasted that most of the materials in the house were manmade! It was installed at Disneyland and was quite a hit. It had futuristic things inside that people would have in 1987.
It actually had a working microwave. It also had a replica big screen t.v. with a picture pasted on the front and a cord remote, self sharpening knives, and other high tech things including plastic furniture.
This was torn down in 1967, because apparently it didn't seem futuristic enough to people anymore. This just couldn't compete with the Jetsons.However, because of the strong plastic construction,
the wrecking balls bounced off, and it was hard to destroy! ha ha ha ha!
Here is a link to a humorous commentary on the House of the future


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