Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Thrillseeking!

Well, It's official, this site is now officially dedicated to thrillseeking as well as photography, art, design,kitsch and everything else.
Thrill seeking is something I love so I am going to devote more space to it here. You won't see everything, but some highlights that have been recorded. Today it was Kings Island in Cincinnati!
My wife and I went with some friends for the day and we had a good time. The highlight however was a ride we came to, that 3 of us got harnessed into (We had one person who declined) then pulled up on a cable 150 feet to the top. Then a ripcord is pulled, and there is a freefall before the cable tightens causing swinginging back and forth on the cable! Pretty intense. It wasn't up to the level of skydiving, but it was definately up there.


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