Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Satellite Bar

Back to the space age today !!!!!!!!!!
This is a picture I took while driving through Mount Sterling, Ohio. I saw this and immediately made a U turn and went back to get a picture! This place was obviously built in the early to mid 60's to pay homage to the modern space age times, but seems kind of dated and humorous now. This is the kind of thing I am dying to find all the time.
The ball on top had a few light bulbs in it, some broken ones, and several empty holes for light bulbs. I finally decided it was worth it to go in and talk to the people about the sign. It was dark and smoky as you might guess, but the people were nice. I asked the woman behind the bar if any of the lights on the sign worked and if she could turn them on. She looked confused and said "what lights?" apparently she had lived in Mt. Sterling all her life but didn't remember ever seeing them on, or noticing them on the sign. She mentioned this to another man who was older who was working at the bar, and he smiled at her and said "Thats the satellite baby!" he told me it hadn't worked for years,but used to be cool looking.Unfortunately he couldn't give me any history on how the bar got it's name. It is something I'm glad I saw, and can share with everyone out there in cyberspace who appreciates this same kind of thing.


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