Friday, May 12, 2006

Here is a concrete lawn statue I saw while cruising through a trailer park one day seeing what I could see. Paydirt! This is exactly the kind of stuff I'm hoping to see.( I put the mushroom cloud on his head) The plan was to work it into another composition somehow, but we'll see what happens, Sometimes an idea just comes to me, and sometimes things sit on the shelf.
I think this kind of stuff is funny because it is so weird. I can see why people find it offensive, but I also know of some Black people who collect this type of thing. The watermelon idea being associated with black people has always intrigued me, since I never understood the association. I asked an older black lady from Mississippi if she had any insight on that.
She said that it might be a sterotype of black people having watermelon seed spitting contests. She said that was a common, low cost entertainment, that was wholesome fun.That was very enlightening to me This was then perverted into what we see here.Some politically correct people might think this should not be seen at all. with or without any understanding of it. I am now and have always been out of the jurisdiction of the politically correct thought police! Ha! ha!


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