Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lauren Swelk

This is a very cool "Lauren Swelk" platter my friend Glenn has. I never saw him much as a kid since my parents weren't fans but my wife did.
She thought his name was Lauren Swelk, as opposed to Lawrence Welk. His show reruns are still on public TV sometimes. i think the last of them are from the 1970's. It is very interesting to see, very much a look at another time. Very strange.

Here is more Seattle signage. The "showgirls" sign looked better upclose.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here is a prime example of LARGE SCALE mid century exotic vaction mode neon signage. It feature the words MOTOR HOTEL which shows the word MOTEL wasn't the standard term yet or else it just sounded more upscale. It also advertises the luxury of COLOR TV. It is a shame there aren't more of these beauties left around.
My friend Glenn in Portland who we visited made sure to show me this gem since we both enjoy this type of thing. Another cool thing we saw on our visit to the scenic Pacific Northwest.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


A recent trip to Seattle and portland Ore. was great. I got to visit with my oldest friend, visited natural wonders such as Mt. St. Helens volcano, and other natural sites. I saw a lot of nice things in Seattle and Portland, they are both great places.
So what is the first thing I am going to post here?....... This giant rotating elephant car wash sign in Seattle is a local landmark, and rightfully so. It is very big AND it rotates. I didn't get to see it at night but it was definitely impressive. Right up there with the space needle.