Thursday, May 27, 2010

goodbye GM hello casino

This is the decline and fall of the delphi (GM) plant 43204. use the red fire hydrant in the foreground as a reference point. At one tome this was one of the largest employers in 43204 and it supplied many people with a comfortable middle class lifestyle. Ohio is the second biggest auto maunfacturing stae after Michigan and it is disappearing quick. these were good paying jobs everyone wanted to have.
In its place a new casino is being built that everyone hopes will revitalize 43204 which is now a depressed area in a good location near the highway. (see previous post). The good thing about the demo besides the picture ops ids that most of what was toen down will be recycled. In a few years it is hoped there will be several jobs at the new casino and the employees will also be able to spend their checks their trying to hit it big so they don't have to go to work......