Saturday, January 02, 2010


This is the neighborhood where I grew up. It was always an inner city working class place nothing great but not someplace dangerous. I work there now and I can see that it is now a dangerous place with a lot of crime. It seems strange. part of me feels like it's familiar, most of me thinks 'I need to get away from this place and these people. I know that is arrogant and not everyone is a dangerous lowlife, I am not better than anyone else and should be grateful for my situation and the fact I don't have to live here. Ultimately my self preservation kicks in and I want to get out ASAP.

These pictures are of a shrine at the site of a shooting that happened in the street at 4 in the afternoon, It was said it was a reprisal killing. A few people were injured and one kid was killed.

While I was taking the pictures a lady walking down the street said to me."good looking boy to get killed so young ain't that right?"