Saturday, October 03, 2009

Civil Defense

this is another interesting thing I found. I have never found anyone who was around at that time who could tell me much about all of the civil defense, fallout shelter hype.
I don't know if people didn't really pay that close of attention to it or else they try to put it out of their minds or don't remember. I Wonder if this was just PR to make the public feel safe. All that was known about nuclear fallout was from Japan and those were tiny bombs by comparison to what was soon available. If people weren't blown up immediately, the half life of the plutonium being used in the 1950's is 24000 years. this means it would never be safe to come out of hiding because of the long lasting effects of the radiation which would kill you. this makes me wonder whether this was an idea just to give people an idea of security or if it was a legitimate try to do something rather than nothing and hope for the best. If anybody knows more about this let me know.