Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Atomic plastic flamingos

This is the first finished project I ever did with photoshop. It was a lot of learning, but I was thrilled to finally have done something with photoshop after wanting to try it for a long time.
This composition is put together from different clip art I scoured the net to find. I have a folder of it now. It has the recurring themes of destruction, mushroom clouds, and kitsch.
In my plan here, the pink lawn flamingos have been mutated by the radiation to GIGANTIC proportions! I love the plastic yard flamingos , I have some in one of my flower beds in the back yard. I guess this is meant to be disturbing and funny at the same time.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

African Clothes! a basan ( african habit)

This post is remotely related to thrill seeking. My friend Henri who is from West Africa told me a friend had just sent him a new outfit from africa. It's called a basan.
He couldn't wait for me to try it on, because he knew I would think it was cool! It was very comfortable, he made sure I put on the gold necklace to finish the look.
Henri speaks french and in french clothes are habit (ha-bee) so this me in af-re-con
Henri wants us to go to Ivory Coast where he is from to visit. I think it would be great too. Who knows someday I might be wearing these clothes thrillseeking in their natural environment!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Adandonded Storage tank

This is a composition from the Coke plant that is falling apart that has been seen on this site. This is what else there is to see there. This is the kind of thing that originally attracted me to these kind of sites, rather than documenting the destruction.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Satellite Bar

Back to the space age today !!!!!!!!!!
This is a picture I took while driving through Mount Sterling, Ohio. I saw this and immediately made a U turn and went back to get a picture! This place was obviously built in the early to mid 60's to pay homage to the modern space age times, but seems kind of dated and humorous now. This is the kind of thing I am dying to find all the time.
The ball on top had a few light bulbs in it, some broken ones, and several empty holes for light bulbs. I finally decided it was worth it to go in and talk to the people about the sign. It was dark and smoky as you might guess, but the people were nice. I asked the woman behind the bar if any of the lights on the sign worked and if she could turn them on. She looked confused and said "what lights?" apparently she had lived in Mt. Sterling all her life but didn't remember ever seeing them on, or noticing them on the sign. She mentioned this to another man who was older who was working at the bar, and he smiled at her and said "Thats the satellite baby!" he told me it hadn't worked for years,but used to be cool looking.Unfortunately he couldn't give me any history on how the bar got it's name. It is something I'm glad I saw, and can share with everyone out there in cyberspace who appreciates this same kind of thing.
amusement park

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Thrillseeking!

Well, It's official, this site is now officially dedicated to thrillseeking as well as photography, art, design,kitsch and everything else.
Thrill seeking is something I love so I am going to devote more space to it here. You won't see everything, but some highlights that have been recorded. Today it was Kings Island in Cincinnati!
My wife and I went with some friends for the day and we had a good time. The highlight however was a ride we came to, that 3 of us got harnessed into (We had one person who declined) then pulled up on a cable 150 feet to the top. Then a ripcord is pulled, and there is a freefall before the cable tightens causing swinginging back and forth on the cable! Pretty intense. It wasn't up to the level of skydiving, but it was definately up there.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Thrillseeking? This is it! This is the view from 12,000 feet.
This was a great time ,and I would love to do it again! I turn into more of a thrill seeker all the time and this has been the best yet! People say isn't it scary to jump?, and it is kind of , but it's not like you are falling off a building and you know you are going to crack your head in a few seconds.
The patchwork pattern on the ground is so far away it's unreal looking, and a good description of it would be "jumping into a picture". There is a rush of falling for a few minutes, then all the sudden the chute opens , and it's a mellow ride to check out the awesome scenery.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Peruvian Inca Temple

This is another Infra-red black and white shot of one of the Inca sites in Peru. That was an awesome trip. In this picture on the right side you can see how the stone is carved out on the bottom. That is so the stones will have a perfect fit, and some of them weigh 30 tons! You can't get a piece of paper between some of them. The name of this place is Sacsayhuaman. The guides kept saying it's pronounced like sexy woman. In a lot of the important places the stones are polished smooth. This was supposedly done with Llama skin leather, sand and water. These stones were also quarried a mile away and moved to the mountainside sites without the use of wheels. Too hard to believe don't you think? In Junior high I remember reading a book called "Chariots of the Gods" that said this kind of stuff, and stone henge etc. were built by U.F.O. aliens! Crazy stuff, but I wonder what it says about these places. I've been meaning to read that again but haven't gotten around to it. This was built around a.d. 700. It was definately a contrast to anything outside the U.S. and a good exposure to another culture both past and present.
Besides, it makes for some cool photography.

Friday, June 02, 2006


These are "art cars" I came across at an outdoor festival in Columbus. needless to say, I loved it! This is widespread across the country apparently, but the people don't drive the cars all the time, which is understandable. the owners said they spend a lot of time gluing and re gluing the objects onto their cars. My favorite is the theme car with the baby heads on it.
The picture at the bottom is me posing on an "art bike" with mannequin legs for handlebars that was on display!