Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the ignorned landscape

Here is another one of the images from the ignored landscape.
I have left it pretty dark because thats how it was.
There is still a lot of very subtle color in there though.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The ignored landscape

This is something else that caught my eye when I looked at it up

close and could just appreciate the subtle shapes and colors and then get into the idea that it's something that's falling apart. I wasn't always able to see things this way. I keep my eyes open a lot now, looking for beauty in the ignored landscape.

Still at the ruins

This is another image that was waiting to be found among the
destruction. This is some sort of holding tank. There were a few of them together, along with some related piping. I came across this and it caught my eye immediately. This is a composition that stands on it's own I think, and there are others within the destruction nearby.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


My original plan when visiting the ruins was to look for compositions like this one and since I have been working on a "deconstuction" series of photos for a long time. This one is has had nothing done to it. Others I have made more abstact using photoshop.seeing the compositions that are
already out there in the man made environment is a theme I have worked on for a lot of years.
It has only been recently that I've taken it to the next level at the industrial ruins level.
Once I was there I started documenting the scene around me and that led to the series of Industrial wastelands photos that are the midwestern "rustbelt" .Although it wasn't my original plan to do it. Documenting the decaying Ohio steel industry became both an artistic and political statement.