Sunday, August 08, 2010

These are SPACE FOOD STICKS! in the late 60's they were advertised as "what the astronauts eat" The market was the kids watching Saturday morning cartoons. I was one of those space crazed youngsters and I couldn't wait to get some. They didn't taste that great but they were SPACE, ASTRONAUT,NASA,LIFTOFF,CAPE KENNEDY,HOUSTON.MISSION CONTROL! who wouldn't want that? On a recent visit to the Kennedy space center in Florida I saw a lot of cool stuff that brought back a lot of good memories and feelings of awe and excitement. In the gift shop I saw these, They really were developed by NASA as the first protein bars. These things were ridiculously expensive ( over 5 bucks a piece) but I couldn't resist. I didn't eat any but these will stay on my curiosity shelf.